Wander Wild Crystal Diffuser

Wander Wild Crystal Diffuser

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Tiny Bandit

CRYSTAL DIFFUSERS: The perfect accoutrement to our Crystal Candles to create fragrance layers in your home for an even richer olfactory experience. Diffusers are ideal for the person on the go. Infuse your space with our signature fragrances when you don’t have hours to burn candles. Our pure white fiber sticks soak up the diffuser solution wafting scent into the air. As a daily wellness ritual, flip the sticks to optimize the scent release and set a positive intention for the day. Take a breath and connect with yourself. It’s the little things.

These last 9 MONTHS minimum. We don’t add any alcohol like many companies do to force the diffuser to evaporate faster so you have to buy another one. We are about quality over quantity. We intentionally design this way promoting fewer better things. Minimal throw away packaging to reduce our carbon footprint and respect the Earth.

WANDER WILD FRAGRANCE: Delicate Persimmon nectar and Aloe Water are entwined with Cactus Flower Botanicals and Litsea Cubeba. Undertones of Amber and Musk ground this subtle fruit based floral.

  • 8 oz 5.5” H x 2.25” D

  • 6 white fiber sticks

  • VOC compliant. Non- alcohol diffuser base + perfume oils

  • Moonstone: A soothing calming stone that beams positive vibes to support mental health and harmony. Helpful in improving self confidence and balance.

  • Labradorite: Calls in adventure and assists in ridding anxiety and strengthening intuition. Eases change and promotes reinvention and creativity.

  • Clear Quartz: Draws off negative energy. Encourages clarity of thought and increased energy levels. Elevates your vibration, positivity and purpose of heart and mind.

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