Don’t Blow It (Fine)
Don’t Blow It (Fine)

Don’t Blow It (Fine)

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What It Is
This first-of-its kind creme enhances texture and body for an air-dried look with a product-free feel.

  • Texture
  • UV filters
  • Hydrate
How It Works
Lightweight polymers enhance hair’s natural texture, adding bounce and airiness – with zero crunch. UV filters help protect against the drying effects of the sun.

Who It's For
  • Density: fine to medium
  • Texture: straight to wavy
  • Type: healthy, dry, and/or color-treated
How To Use
Work a small amount through towel-dried hair, mid-shaft to ends. Squeeze and twist to enhance texture.

Texture Enhancing Blend: Two lightweight polymers enhance hair's natural texture with bounce and airiness - and zero crunch.

Conditioning Blend: A blend of conditioners, including Prickly Pear and Cactus Flower extracts, absorbs quickly into the hair allowing it to dry smoothly while keeping it hydrated.

UVA/UVB Filter: Helps protect against the drying effects of sun exposure.

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